To Muslims, From Christians

Hello, my friends. As-salamu alaykum.
It seems to me that the world is in a particularly high place of unrest. Sure, the world has never been peaceful and evil has always manifested itself on earth, but I do not think it is quite a stretch to say that, to Americans, recent events have demonstrated that the world as we know it is unstable and confused. While the dreaded 9-11 attacks mean we are certainly not naïve when it comes to terrorism, many Americans, specifically in my generation, only remember 9-11 for what happened, not the fear and chaos it caused to the average life of the American, and have not felt the uncertainty of the future that we are feeling now. The attacks in Paris hit us close to home, as we are incredibly close to the French people, and we are scared as we begin to step forward.

However, the world would not seem half so scary if the reaction by many Americans was not so terrifying. Many of us in the country that prides itself in religious liberty, equality, freedom, and human rights have reacted in an ignorantly vengeful way and have begun to shout ideas and rhetoric that not only disquiets my souls but tears it apart. Talks of making Muslims wearing identification, and of shutting down Mosques, and of making a database of Muslims have not only been growing on the internet but have also been making its way into the words of a presidential front runner. They shout that Muslims are a threat to America and to Christianity and that we must take steps to keep ourselves safe. However, while I recognize that radical militant Islam is a threat to all Americans (Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Muslims alike) and that I do fear groups like al-Qaeda and Daesh (Arabic pronoun for ISIS, used because the word itself is an insult), the fear I feel cannot match what you must be feeling.

It seems to me that the truth is, though we may not accept it, that Muslims have more to fear, in relation to recent terrorist attacks, in America than Americans do. Daesh has already made it perfectly clear that it does not distinguish between any who disagree with their view of the world and that any who oppose them will be slaughtered, whether they be Christians or Muslims. But, more importantly, a vocal minority of Americans, many of who, I am ashamed to say, claim to be Christians, have increased their anti-Islamic rhetoric that surpasses education-based critique of the religion into what can only be described as ignorant hate. Muslims walk around our universities, our streets, and our neighborhoods, not plotting the destruction of America or the death of infidels, but actively fearing oppression, religious intolerance, bigotry, and acts of violence.

But, surely, you recognize this. Why then, do I feel the need to state this? To demonstrate to you that I understand. It is not enough to simply say, “yeah I get that you might get insults sent your way.” I understand completely and ask you to enlighten me in the ways you are feeling that I have not described here, as I am sure there are many. However, the reason I write this letter is not only to tell you I understand, but to offer you some encouragement and love.

These bigots that claim to be Christian might use the same word, “Christianity,” as I do, to describe the religion we follow (this pains me greatly), but we certainly do not share the same thoughts or beliefs when it comes to Muslims. I, along with the majority of Christians in this country, fully understand the difference between the actions of Islamic extremists and those of the vast majority of the international Muslim community, even though we might not be fully educated in Islamic theology. For example, at the University of Virginia, the Center for Christian Study hosted a lecture on the Christian view of Islam and, while recognizing our theological differences in an attempt to educate (not sow enmity), it spoke of the great parts about your faith: unity, loving devotion and submission to God, and loving devotion to humanity (I recognize that this list is not exhaustive). There were almost two hundred Christians there and following the talk, during our discussions, I never once heard anything derogatory or insulting towards Muslims, but only affirmation for the way your faith cares about its God and those around it.

As Christians, we believe all of you are creations of God. You are made in his image, and are part of humanity, the glory of his creation. God loves you; and we Christians love you. We love your faith, we love what it stands for, and we love those who follow it. While we might disagree on truth and theology, your friends, the Christians, will denounce intolerance of your faith, will denounce those who seek to tear you and your friends down with bigoted words, and will always stand up for you, in the same way that Muhammad did for the Christians at St. Catherine’s Monastery.  We are praying for all Muslims; we are praying for your safety and well-being; and we are praying for love between our faiths.

We are here if you need anything. We love you guys.

Thanks all,

11 thoughts on “To Muslims, From Christians

    1. I believe that I am a sinful being in need of a savior. I believe that Christ came, died for my sins, and now I get to spend eternity with God. I also believe that as Christians we have a duty to love all humans, as Christ commanded. How do you make the claim that I am not a Christian or even bigoted?


  1. I don’t agree with the Muslims religion because Jesus is the one who said to Love one another. He was crucified and died for us. They don’t believe in Jesus as God’s son. Jesus said: “Deny me and I will deny you to my Father/God”. Their religion says not to associate with us, or people like me, who believe in Jesus Christ.So, you wanna be friends and wait for them to kill you? I don’t.


    1. I in no way agree with the Muslim religion. It is wrong; I firmly believe that. However, I reject the notion that all Muslims are out to get me and believe that, in regards to be few that are, we are supposed to bless those who persecute us, as Christ commands.


      1. I thought this letter was very well written. Props for that. Just thought I’d clear up some misconceptions. One common misconception, is that the religion is to blame for the actions of the people, when in reality, Muslims are sinful; they are unable to represent the true beauty of the religion. Similarly, one cannot blame the law for the actions of an individual – one must take responsibility for their actions.
        As a Muslim, Islam has taught me to not discriminate against race or religion. Although our beliefs may differ, I do not deem myself superior to anyone. In the Quran, it states that a Chirstian or Jew who is firm in their belief will be rewarded by the Lord. If you’re interested in learning more about the religion, I’d suggest you read the Quran, as it is an unbiased representation of what Islam is. Thanks again for sharing your opinion; I can definitely vouch for the fact that misrepresentation of Islam by the media has had a negative impact on the treatment of Muslims. God bless.


  2. ISLAM is in a mess, because it is a mess ! – In the Gospel of John, the direct quote of The Lord Jesus is ” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME.” – This does not leave much room for Muhammad to bring in the Islamic religion, with it’s claim that Jesus was a prophet of Islam. ( Prophets are supposed to be listened to, so which way do Muslims want it ? ) Faced with this, it has been the way of all Muslims to say that the Christian Bible has misquoted, and is in error. Would it not be better to read the Holly Bible, rather than put a plaster over problems, and quickly move on ? – Muslims have a problem with Father, Son and Spirit. There is only one God ! Correct, so explain how God can be everywhere at once, and know the heart and mind of all His creation, and indeed created the Heavens and the Earth, yet is unable to manifest Himself as a mortal man, with the wonderful plan of being the Sin Offering, once and for all, so that we may be accepted into Heaven. But this is the awful point. Jesus was rather more than a Prophet, He IS a part of Almighty God. – Was, is, and always will be as our Saviour against sin. – What have you done with Him ? – Should you not correct this ? – If you, in all honesty, want to embrace God in the Lord Jesus, you have the third person of the Trinity, The Holly Spirit, who will help and teach you. GOD BLESS YOU +


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