About this Blog – What’s with the Title?

My blog’s title is a reference to the esteemed theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s concept of a “world come of age” — his take on the role of the Church in the modern world. The rise of secular humanism in the 20th century brought with it a condemnation of faith’s focus on spiritual eternity as only a foolish distraction from the pain of humanity in the current world. Bonhoeffer agreed in the critique of the Church at the time; but where humanists held that this thinking was inherent to the religion itself, Bonhoeffer argued that it was only inherent to the Christianity practiced by Christians at the time. Instead, he argued, the truth was that one of the most basic roles of the Christian was to love his neighbor and to care for the world around him. This wasn’t the status of Christianity of the time, as he argued, only because Christians weren’t following the true commands of Christ. Bonhoeffer contended that Christianity should and would be an active force for good on earth.

Secondly, Bonhoeffer’s concept of a “world come of age” critiqued the current use of faith as an approach to science. The rise of secular humanism was in direct opposition to Christianity, and so one of the humanist’s gods, Science, was seen as directly opposed to faith. Christians began to believe that God’s existence was proven by things that science couldn’t explain; and so, when science slowly chipped away at the things it hadn’t been able to explain, the “proof” of God’s existence on earth began to dwindle. Bonhoeffer detested this approach of science and faith being diabolically opposed to each other and instead argued that science itself proved God’s existence. He argued that Christians should love and study science, and its benefits for humanity, as a receiving of God’s gift and, as I would take it, a form of worship to God.

It has been said that Christianity should be in the world but not of the world. Well, Bonhoeffer argued, in summary, that Christianity should be for the world.

I consider myself a faith-based humanist — one who believes that the Christian faith is the ultimate guide on how to care, love, and cherish the world and, more importantly, its people. And a lot of what I write will pertain directly to this. However, I do not hold myself to only talking about religion, God, and humanism; I will write about anything at all. Nonetheless, this faith-based humanism concept is the basic framework by which I approach the world and so, hopefully, even when writing about other topics, this will shine through.

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